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Persistence: Short Stories by Miss Changkit’s Class 

In this program,  Miss Changkit’s kindergarten class read Sergio Makes a Splash! and Sergio Saves the Game! by Edel Rodriguez. They learned about overcoming challenges through persistence,  then worked with Edel over two sessions to talk about their favorite parts of his books and ask him questions. He also showed the students how to make a […]

BTB’s One-Day Pop-Up Gallery Show

After several months of authors visits, dozens of broken pastels and BtB pencils reduced to stubs, some accidentally glued fingers, and pages of rewrites, Behind the Book’s spring programs finally winded down. As always, students impressed us with their level of creativity and dedication to their work. Successfully completing a writing-based project is an essential part […]

Doreen Rappaport’s Rules for Writing Biographies

Doreen Rappaport is the author of numerous biographies, including Martin’s Big Words, Eleanor, Quiet No More, Jack’s Path of Courage, Abe’s Honest Words, and John’s Secret Dreams. Her most recent work, Helen’s Big World, is the centerpiece of our program at CS 21, where students are perfecting the art of writing biographies. Here are Doreen’s top 5 tips: 1. Good writing is about […]

Patricia McCormick visits 11th grade class in Washington Heights

Yesterday, two time National Book nominee Patricia McCormick visited Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH) to discuss her book Purple Heart,  investigative journalism, and interviewing strategies with Mr. Dickhudt and Mr. Waligory’s 11th graders. In preparation for her visit, the students have been reading both fiction and non-fiction about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including Patricia’s […]

Huffington Post Interviews BtB Author Staceyann Chin

Recently, BtB author Staceyann Chin was interviewed by the HuffPost.  Speaking about her motivation to write her critically acclaimed 2009 memoir The Other Side of Paradise, she said: “I read a lot and I didn’t find that there were a lot of books that told the story that sounded like mine”  At BtB, we partner with authors […]