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Meet the Author: Page McBrier

Page McBrier is the author of 46 picture and chapter books for young readers. Behind the Book has had an ongoing, successful relationship with Page and Beatrice’s Goat. Based on a true story, the award-winning New York Times bestseller is about a girl who receives a goat from Heifer International and when it gives birth […]

Doreen Rappaport’s Rules for Writing Biographies

Doreen Rappaport is the author of numerous biographies, including Martin’s Big Words, Eleanor, Quiet No More, Jack’s Path of Courage, Abe’s Honest Words, and John’s Secret Dreams. Her most recent work, Helen’s Big World, is the centerpiece of our program at CS 21, where students are perfecting the art of writing biographies. Here are Doreen’s top 5 tips: 1. Good writing is about […]