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Our Evening with Joshua Ferris

We were thrilled when one of our supporters offered to host a cocktail party to benefit Behind the Book on February 9. When Man Booker Prize nominee Joshua Ferris agreed to appear at the private reading, we knew the party would be a hit. As Josh read from the opening pages of his much-lauded third […]

Looking for volunteer opportunities?

Behind the Book is seeking volunteers to design and format new student books! Each book takes about 15 hours of time for a designer, spread over two or three weeks. We’re nearing the end of the school year, so in order to leave sufficient time for printing we are looking for someone to start right away. This opportunity […]

Isabel Hill and writing mentors visit CS 21!

What might you notice if you stop to look closely at the buildings around you? One second grade class at CS 21 in Bed Stuy is writing about architecture with Isabel Hill, author of the book Urban Animals. Last week, the students went on a walking tour of their neighborhood, taking pictures of the kinds […]