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Field Trip! Second graders visit their pen pals

Our programs are unique opportunities to enrich students’ understanding of the world while improving their reading and writing skills. In that spirit, last week, Mr. Braverman’s second grade class from PS 46 joined author Susanna Pitzer at the Kateri Residence nursing home to meet their pen pals for the first time! It was an exciting day […]

We’re all authors! BtB students celebrate their first published book

As author Susanna Pitzer entered the second grade classroom at PS 46 in Fort Greene, the seven year-old students instantly lit up and rushed to give her a warm welcome. Susanna’s book, Not Afraid of Dogs, was the centerpiece of a several part program where students wrote short stories based on their personal experiences with fear. Last week, BtB […]

Photo of the Week with Susanna Pitzer

This week, Susanna Pitzer shares why she loves her favorite children’s book, There’s No Such Thing As a Dragon by Jack Kent I was blown away by this book when I found it years ago. The fun illustrations caught my attention, then I fell in love with the story of a boy who wakes up one […]

Empowerment through Creation and Hard Work

By Susanna Pitzer, author of the award-winning book Not Afraid of Dogs For years, I have worked with children and adults on writing, illustrating, acting, and producing their own shows. All of these creative endeavors have allowed me to see first hand how a person who shares their talents is a person that grows more […]