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Sneak Peek! New High School Short Stories

As regular readers of this blog have no doubt realized, we are incredibly proud of the work being done by the 10th and 11th grade students in our programs CHAH.  Ms. Quinton, Ms. Charles-Harris, and Mr. Dickhudt’s 10th grade classes wrote short stories with Matt de la Pena (master of revision). Meanwhile, Mr. Dickhudt’s 11th graders learned about investigative […]

Sneak Peek! Third Grade Wonderful Biographies

The third graders at PS 76 hit the nail on the head when they titled their newly published book Third Grade Wonderful Biographies – they are wonderful! This book began with the question “How to make biographies come alive for third graders?” To answer it, we brought in an expert on bringing historical figures to life: Andrea […]

Sneak Peek: PS 76 Second Graders Share Their Dreams

Two new student books in one week! On Tuesday we previewed student work from PS 376 and today we’re excited to give you another sneak peek. Two classes at PS 76 in Harlem participated in this program, which is a collaboration with Harlem’s Little Blackbird author Renee Watson; the students wrote about their what accomplishing their […]