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Field Trip! Second Graders Visit Harlem’s Jazz Museum

At BtB, we love field trips! In the past 10 years, we’ve learned that a love of reading often takes root when students discover that the world of a book mirrors their own real world, and field trips are a fun way to make those connections. Ms. Olivero’s 2nd grade class has been working on […]

Isabel Hill and writing mentors visit CS 21!

What might you notice if you stop to look closely at the buildings around you? One second grade class at CS 21 in Bed Stuy is writing about architecture with Isabel Hill, author of the book Urban Animals. Last week, the students went on a walking tour of their neighborhood, taking pictures of the kinds […]

Field Trip! CS 21 Students Visit American Foundation for the Blind

An integral part of our mission at BtB is opening up the world of books to our students; exposing them to experiences and people that make those books come to life. Mrs. LeBron’s 4th grade students at CS 21 are writing biographies inspired by Doreen Rappaport’s Helen’s Big World, and on Friday they visited the American […]