Spooky Reads! BtB’s Favorite Halloween-themed Books for Children and Young Adults

Behind the Book’s new Director of Programming, Briana Harris, knows all about books. This week, in honor of all things creepy, she sits down with our star intern and all around super ghoul, Jaida Triblet, to share her favorite Halloween-themed reads for children and young adults. Read on…if you dare!

Jaida “Super Ghoul” Triblet: What books would you recommend to middle school students this Halloween?

Briana “Brain” Harris: For middle school, Gameworld, by C.J. Farley is great. Gameworld has this really awesome escapist quality which is perfect for Halloween, but also really great for gamers and those into super sci-fi! Imagine this: a world that combines the beautiful island of Jamaica with a fast-paced, intense video game? This world becomes all too real for three Jamaican sixth-graders in this exciting novel!


Super Ghoul: And what about for the older kids? Anything you would recommend for high school students?

Brain: Actually, our students at Harvey Milk high school in Manhattan will be reading Every Day, by David Levithan this year. It’s a great book that tells the story of a teen who wakes up in a new life and body – every day. I also recommend Zombies Vs. Unicorns, by Justin Larbalestier and Holly Black. This is a very fun book. There is an interesting and diverse band of writers that makes for a cool, fast-paced read.


Super Ghoul: And what about the younger kids? Are there any Halloween-themed books that they would like that aren’t too scary?

Brain: I really like Have You Seen My Dragon? by Steve Light. The art in this book is awesome! I also love the fact that it incorporates counting with all the things that our city kids can relate to – hot dogs, buses, and all the great things about living in a city. We can’t wait to use this book in programs this year.