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Upcoming Behind the Book Readings

June 12

Patricia Engel, It's Not Love, It's Just Paris

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, Bittersweet

Porochista Khakpour, The Last Illusion

Brando Skyhorse, Take This Man

Recent Behind The Book Readings

May 8

Akhil Sharma, Family Life, recently featured in the New York Times Book Review

Lauren van den Berg, The Isle of Youth

April 10

Cara Hoffman, Be Safe I Love You

Alena Graedon, The Word Exchange

Derek Owens, Memory's Wake

January 9

Adelle Waldman, The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

Kate Manning, My Notorious Life

Jonathan Miles, Want Not

December 12

Beverly Gologorsky, Stop Here

Laura Hemphill, Buying In

November 14

Ben Dolnick, At the Bottom of Everything

Amy Grace Loyd, The Affairs of Others

Victoria Redel, Make Me Do Things

September 12

Susan Choi, My Education

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh, Brief Encounters With the Enemy

Teddy Wayne, The Love Song of Jonny Valentine

May 9

Celebrating One Teen Story, a literary magazine specializing in fiction for young adults and teens.

Matt de la Peña, The Living

Lauren Mechling, My Darklyng

Lisa Ko, author of One Teen Story issue "The Magic Hour"

April 11

Nell Freudenberger, The Newlyweds

Kristopher Jansma, The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards,

Diana Spechler, Skinny

March 14

Jonathan Dee, A Thousand Pardons: A Novel

Aria Beth Sloss, Autobiography of Us

Ben Schrank, Love is a Canoe

February 19

Karen Russell, Vampires in the Lemon Grove
Stuart Nadler, Wise Men
Dina Nayeri, A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea

January 10, 2013

Adam Mansbach, Rage is Back

A.M. Homes, May We Be Forgiven

Eddie Huang, Fresh Off the Boat

December 13

Christine Schutt, Prosperous Friends
Jami Attenberg, The Middlesteins

November 16

Lydia Millet, Magnificence
Jenny Offill, The Friend Who Got Away and Last Things
Dan Josefson, That's Not a Feeling

October 11

Dale Peck , The Garden of Lost & Found
Marie-Helene Bertino, Safe As Houses
Susanna Moore, The Life of Objects

September 13

Kathryn Harrison, Enchantments
Victor LaValle, The Devil in Silver
Karl Taro Greenfeld, Triburbia
Jay Caspian Kang, The Dead Do Not Improve

June 14

Adam Wilson, Flatscreen
Cristina Alger, The Darlings
Sheehan Karunatilaka, The Legend of Pradeep Mathew

May 10th: Young Adult Authors

Patricia McCormick, Never Fall Down: A Novel
Neesha Meminger, Into the Wise Dark
Paul Griffin, Stay With Me
Bil Wright, Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy

April 12th

Tom Perrotta, The Leftovers
Jürgen Fauth, Kino
Mark Leyner, The Sugar Frosted Nutsack

March 8th

Alex Gilvarry, From the Memoirs of a Non–Enemy Combatant
Amelia Gray, Threats
Joseph Salvatore, To Achieve a Pleasing Shape
Suzzy Roche, Wayward Saints

February 9th

Chris Adrian, The Great Night
Julie Otsuka, The Buddha in the Attic
Ayad Akhtar, American Dervish

January 12th

Jim Shepard, You Think That's Bad
Ben Marcus, The Flame Alphabet
Ben Lerner, Leaving the Atocha Station

December 8th

Martha Southgate, The Taste of Salt
Elissa Schappell, Blueprints for Building Better Girls

November 10th

Roger Bonair Agard and Victoria Lynne McCoy

October 13, 2011
Helen Schulman, Amy Waldman, Leah Hager Cohen, and Carmela Ciraru

September 08, 2011
Francisco Goldman, Lily Tuck, and Lev Grossman

July 14, 2011
Lionel Shriver, Stefan Merrill Block, J. Courtney Sullivan, and Katie Arnold-Ratliff

June 09, 2011
Belinda McKeon and contributing writers to Freud's Blind Spot

May 12, 2011
Karen Russell, Patricia Engel, and Jon Michaud

April 14, 2011
Tea Obreht, Rula Jebreal, Sheri Holman and Alison Espach

March 10, 2011
Ben Ryder Howe, Myla Goldberg and Justin Taylor

February 10, 2011
Deb Olin Unferth Danielle Evans and Benjamin Hale

December 9, 2010
Monique Truong and Jessica Francis Kane

September 9, 2010
Ben Greenman, Darin Strauss, and Marcy Dermansky

June 10, 2010
David Goodwillie and Aryn Kyle

March 11, 2010
Jonathan Dee and Adam Haslett

January 14, 2010
Brad Leithauser and Katharine Weber

December 10, 2009
Elizabeth Nunez and Victor LaValle

November 12, 2009
Stephen Elliot, Nancy Mauro, and Brian DeLeeuw

October 8, 2009
Lev Grossman, Rivka Galchen, and Ed Park

September 10, 2009
Stacey D'Erasmo and Nick Burd

June 11, 2009
Caitlin Macy, Arthur Phillips, and Mary Gaitskill

May 14, 2009
Christine Schutt and Ben Greenman

April 9, 2009
Robert Goolrick and Darin Strauss

March 12 , 2009
Deb Olin Unferth and Paul Harding

February 12 , 2009
Daphne Beal and David Ebershoff

January 8, 2009
Hannah Tinti and Allison Amend

November 13 , 2008
Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum and Karan Mahajan

October 9, 2008
Judy Blundell, Maureen Johnson, Siobhan Vivian and Coe Booth

July 10, 2008
Sarah Schulman and Rivka Galchen

June 12, 2008
Melissa Walker, Carolyn Mackler, Bennett Madison, and Michael Northrop

May 8, 2008
Kelly McMasters and Abigail Thomas

April 10, 2008
Askold Melnyczuk and Felicia Sullivan

March 13, 2008
Lydia Millet and Abha Dawesar

February 14, 2008
Charles Bock and Peter Trachtenberg

January 10, 2008
Helen Benedict, Felicia Luna Lemus, Karen Russell

December 13, 2007
Mary Gordon, Maxine Swann, Kelly Braffet

November 8, 2007
Susanna Moore and Stephanie Elizondo Griest

October 11, 2007
Joshua Cohen, Rebecca Curtis, and Wayne Koestenbaum

September 13, 2007
Nicholas Christopher, Carol Muske-Dukes, and Alain Mabanckou

July 12, 2007
Will Allison, Arthur Phillips, and Helen Schulman

June 14, 2007
Victoria Redel, Dani Shapiro, and Darcey Steinke

May 10, 2007
John Haskell and Joshua Ferris

April 12 , 2007
Natalie Danford, Adam Rapp, and Anthony Tognazzini

February 8, 2007
Martha Southgate, Eisa Nefertari Ulen, and Colson Whitehead

January 11, 2007
John Hodgman and Darin Strauss

December 14, 2006
Jennifer Egan, Sigrid Nunez, and Katharine Weber

November 9, 2006
Myla Goldberg and Rick Moody

October 12, 2006
Peter Behrens, Scott Snyder, and Lynne Tillman

September 14, 2006
Calvin Baker, Emily Barton, and Alix Ohlin

July 13, 2006
Marina Budhos, E.R. Frank, and Patty McCormick 

June 8, 2006
Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop, Emily Raboteau, Patrick Ryan, and Justin Tussing

May 11, 2006
Ben Marcus

April 13, 2006
Angie Cruz, Nelly Rosario and Sheila Maldonado

March 9, 2006
Jonathan Ames and Thomas Beller

February 9, 2006
Sam Lipsyte and Christine Schutt

January 12, 2006
Nick McDonell and Ned Vizzini

December 8, 2005
Marcy Dermansky and Hannah Tinti

October 27, 2005
A. M. Homes and Adam Rapp

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