How to Bring BtB to Your School


How to bring Behind the Book to your school

We want to be your literacy partner and we are committed to helping you provide your students with a reading and writing experience that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Behind the Book has specific eligibility requirements. We’d love to work with your school if:

  • You are a Title 1 NYC public school.
  • You will commit to a minimum of three programs the first year.
  • You will provide BtB with a liaison who will be the point person between your school and our Program Coordinator.
  • Your teachers will commit to partnering with our Program Coordinator. This includes providing input into the unique program plan that is designed for your students, teaching the assigned work between workshops, communicating with the Program Coordinator in a timely manner, and meeting deadlines.
  • You will pay the fee of $1,000 per program (Behind the Book is a registered vendor of the DOE).

In return Behind the Book will give you:

  • An innovative literacy program designed to meet the goals of the classroom teacher in each and every class.
  • A Program Coordinator who will be assigned to your school for the duration of the partnership.
  • Books, books, and more books; the anchor text for each student, books written by the visiting author for the classroom and school libraries, research books when necessary, and miscellaneous books for your classroom and school libraries.
  • Materials and resources that support the program.
  • Techniques and activities that can be applied to many different areas of teaching.

Behind the Book has experience working with special education, CTT, dual-language, ELL, as well as general education classes. Programs most often enhance the ELA curriculum, but Behind the Book also has experience working with Social Studies and Science curricula.

Behind the Book strives to be an important part of the school community. We know that each school with which we work with has a very unique culture. That’s why we think it’s vital to get to know each school and forge long-term relationships.

To bring Behind the Book to your school, contact Jo Umans at

A Guide for Teachers

A Guide for Principals