How Programs Work


How programs work

Behind the Book programs are designed to help schools accomplish their literacy goals. Our programs take place in New York City public schools, are integrated into the curriculum and meet the Common Core Learning Standards.

Each Behind the Book program serves one classroom through an average of four workshops over the course of two months. Standard BtB sessions include a curriculum guide and lesson plan for the teacher to follow and a copy of the author’s book for each child. The workshops consist of an introductory visit where the Behind the Book coordinator explains the program and delivers materials for the class, followed by a series of author-led workshops where students learn and develop their writing and critical thinking skills.

The author-led workshops have a powerful effect on young people. Over several workshops, the author leads the students in a writing project to create and edit their own original work. In most cases, the students illustrate their work, as well. Behind the Book students experience the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the creation of original work when they complete their culminating project – often a student book published by BtB.

Behind the Book offers optional sessions and services including illustration workshops, field trips and book publishing celebrations, as well as bulletin board materials, classroom resources, library donations and a mobile library cart. We also can bring volunteer research and writing coaches, subject matter experts, editors and other resources that bring the book alive. These and other optional enhancements serve to enrich the learning experience of students involved in Behind the Book programs.

Teacher Expectations:
The Behind the Book program is a collaborative effort with classroom teachers. We meet with teachers at the beginning of the program and help them choose the book that best suits their needs. Teachers can expect the highest level of professionalism, passion and hard work from Behind the Book. We ensure a creative, engaging and meaningful experience for students, teachers and the entire school community.