Gallery of Student Work

Gallery of Student Work

Enjoy this exhibit of books created by the students, teachers and authors in Behind the Book’s Visiting Author program.


Harlem’s Cool Kids 3rd
Graders Can Do It Too!

Written & Illustrated by Class 3-215
PS 125, Harlem

Exploration of New York
City Architecture

Written & Illustrated by
Class 2-213
PS125, Harlem

Spice It Up!
Our Traditional Cookbook

Written & Illustrated by
Class 3-315
PS241, Brooklyn

What’s Cool Around Our School

Written & Illustrated by
Class 2-303
PS241, Brooklyn

Don’t Cry Be Happy

Written & Illustrated by
Mrs. Changkit’s Kindergarten
PS241, Brooklyn

Love for the People
that We Love

Written & Illustrated by
Class 4-402
PS241, Brooklyn

Dragons Love
International Food

Written & Illustrated by
Class 3-230
PS154, Harlem

The Right to Fight

Written & Illustrated by
Class 5-313
PS 46, Fort Greene

On The Run

Written & Illustrated by Classes 509 & 511
PS 98, Inwood

Africa is Awesome!

Written & Illustrated by Class 3-302
PS 4, Washington Heights

I Made the Wrong Turn

Written & Illustrated by Mr. Fetus’s 5th Grade Class
PS 241, Brooklyn

Paying It Forward
3rd Graders Can Do It Too!

Written & Illustrated by Class 3-228
PS 154, Harlem

Timeless Lessons

Written & Illustrated by
Class 5-118
PS 46, Fort Greene

Things We Do

Written & Illustrated by
Mr. Hesse’s 11th Grade English
Collegiate Institute for Math and Science, Bronx

Stories from the Hood

Written & Illustrated by
11th Grade ELA Students, Periods 4 and 5
DeWitt Clinton High School, Bronx

Survival Stories

Written & Illustrated by
Classes 601 and 602
Bronx Academy of Letters, Bronx

Who Are We

Written & Illustrated by
Class 524
High School for Dual Language &
Asian Studies, Manhattan

Let’s Travel to the Roots of Life’s Necessities

Written & Illustrated by
Class 512
High School for Dual Language &
Asian Studies, Manhattan

Chasing Bronx Dreams
Believe in Your Dreams

Written & Illustrated by
9th Grade ELA Students, Periods 4 and 5
DeWitt Clinton High School, Bronx

Sacrifices are Worth the Changes

Written & Illustrated by
Classes N, O, P, Grade 12
International Community High School, Bronx


Growing Our

Written and Illustrated by Class 1-301
PS 241, Brooklyn

How Garden Helpers
Protect Gardens

Written and Illustrated by Class 1-157
CS 21, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Adventures in the
Colossal and Colorful
Amazon Rainforest

Written and Illustrated by Class 4-402
PS 241
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Unique Birds of
New York

Written and Illustrated by Class 4-413
PS 98, Inwood

The Kids’
Immigration Situation

Written and Illustrated by Class 4-206
PS 154, Harlem

Historic Human
Rights Events

Written and Illustrated by Class 5-417

The Things They Wrote

Written and Illustrated by 11th Grade English Honors Students
CIMS, the Bronx


Kids In Space:
Adventuring Into
the Unknown

Written and Illustrated
by Class 5-209
PS 154, Harlem

Paying It Forward
Is the Best!

Written and Illustrated by Classes 3-214 & 3-230 PS 46, Fort Greene

The Gems of the
Harlem Renaissance

Written and Illustrated by Class 4-217
PS 125, Harlem

What’s Up With
the Planets?

Written and Illustrated by Class 4–405
PS 241, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Life Goals

Written and Illustrated by Class 5-205
PS 154, Harlem

Into The Woods

Written and Illustrated by Mr. Fetus’ Fifth Grade Class
PS 241, Brooklyn

What Is It Worth
To Be Free?

Written and Illustrated by Class 5-509
PS 98, Inwood

Rebellion Justified

Written and Illustrated by Classes 701 & 703
Bronx Academy of
the Bronx

Straight Outta

Written and Illustrated
by Teal – Grade 8
Eagle Academy for Young Men II
Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Dreams and Stories

Written and Illustrated by Grade 9 English
DeWitt Clinton High School
the Bronx

A Flash Quandary

Written and Illustrated by International
Community High School Class O, Class N,
and Class P
the Bronx

Speakin’ Up:
The Differences
Between Us

Written and Illustrated by 12th Grade Students
DeWitt Clinton High School


Written and Illustrated by Ms. Clifford’s Senior
English Class
High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies



Building Bridges to the Future

by GO Summer Middle School


Dragons Around the World

by Ms. Changkit’s Class at PS 241


Funny, Mixed-Up Brooklyn Rhymes

by Class 1-217
at PS 241


Harlem Kids in Chinatown

with Kam Mak
by Class 3-206
at PS 154


One Big Family

by Class 3-230 at PS 46


Once Upon a Time in Ancient Egypt

by Class 3-303
at PS 241


Tales of Traveling

Stories and art
by Class 4-203
at PS 46


People Who Inspire Us

with Maira Kalman
by Class 4-413
at PS 98

Welcome to Brooklyn Landmarks

by Class 4-405
at PS 241

Harlem Through Our Eyes

Poems and Art
by Class 4/5-205
at PS 154


Champions of Human Rights

by Class 502
at PS 241

Famous New Yorkers:
Past and Present

by Class 4-209
at PS 154


Close to Our Hearts

by Classes 801, 833 and 803 at JHS 13, Central Park East Middle School


A Different Day

Stories from
Harvey Milk High School

We Are Here

by the 12th Grade
at International Community High School


Double Life

by Grade 11 English
Periods 2 and 3 at
DeWitt Clinton High School


Read Between the Lines: The Freshman Stories

Essays and Art by
Students at Dewitt Clinton High School



The Magic School Bus:
Ocean M-Ocean Adventure

By Class 3/4 – 206
at CS 154

A Kid’s Tour –
Information About

By Class 3-209 at PS 154

The Survival Games: Awesome European

By Class 4-203 at PS 46

Our Epic Trip to
Brooklyn Landmarks

By Class 4-302 at CS 21

A book about the architecture of Harlem, NY by students at P.S. 241

Architectural Details

By Ms. Edward’s First Grade Class at PS 241


Brooklyn Dream Kids

By Mr. Braverman’s Class at PS 46

Lending a Helping Hand

By Class 5-106 at PS 154

Bird Book

Birds That Never Sleep

By Class 203 at the Harriet Tubman Learning Center, CS 154

in the City

by Class 2-202 of CS 21


Trying Hard for a
Better Life

By Ms. Ramdhani’s 5th Grade Class at PS 241


Eureka! A Superhero Story

By Class K-102 at PS 46


A Collection of Clothes for Every Season

By Class 1-157 at CS 21


What We’re Wearing in Brooklyn

By Class 1-153 at CS 21

The Mystery of the Golden Cactus

By Ms. Finton’s Third Grade Class at PS 46

Class 402 Changes the World – Letters of

By Grade 4 at PS 241

Stand Up and Speak

By Class 5-108 at PS 154

The Irony

By 2014 Graduates at CPEMS JHS 13

The Tragedy of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer

By Class 701 at CPEMS JHS 13

Broken American Dreams

By 10th Grade Students at CHAH

Is It Ever Okay?

By DeWitt Clinton High School, Grade 11

The Scars We Leave Behind

Classes 901, 902, & 903

The World in Two Words

By Students at Harvey Milk High School


Buildings Through Our Eyes

By Class 2-202 at CS 21

Knowing Our

by Class 3-302 of PS 376

Where 802 is From

By Class 8-802 at
JHS 13 Central Park East Middle School

Our Dreams

By Class 2-210 at PS 76

Break Out!
Poems and Art

By Class 4-301 at CS 21

Scary Fables

By Class 1-157 at CS 21

Tales That Make You Afraid to Read

By Class 2-222 at
PS 46

Concrete Poems on
Natural Disasters

Poems and Art by
Class 5-502 at PS 376

Casualties in Our

By 11th Grade Students at CHAH


New York City

by Class 4-405 PS 376