Inside the Org: Q&A with Board of Directors Member Muffie Meyer

This is Behind the Book’s 13th year working with schools to get kids to love reading. Our work is supported by many people, including Muffie Meyer who has been on the board of directors since year one! Muffie is able to see Behind the Book’s work through many different lenses and below we discover exactly why she supports us.

Tell us a little bit about your day job.

I make documentary films.  My style and subject matter are eclectic – I have made films on everything ranging from the arts, science, medicine, human relationships, poverty, etc. The best parts of my job are that I can dip into other peoples’ lives and work, and that each day (each job, each film) is different.  With each film I have to become a mini-expert in something new.  I also have had the good fortune to work with wonderful people on wonderful projects.  The worst part of my job (and I am sure this will resonate): fundraising!

Why did you choose to become a part of Behind the Book?oscar wilde

Two reasons: (1) the irresistible Jo asked me; (2) I am passionate about its mission.

If you were to trade places with a book character for a day, who would it be and why?

Oscar Wilde (I am a documentarian…so non-fiction characters interest me).  Why?  Because he was so witty… (and smart).

Why do you think reading is important? 

I think it is a window on the world, it is an absolutely crucial skill to have if one is to succeed and also be an informed citizen in today’s society. Additionally, I think it develops a part of the brain that TV and movies do not…and developing that part of the brain also helps develop critical thinking skills.

What is a fun fact that few people know about you? 

I have to think about that one…maybe that I have a very ghoulish side (I go out of my way for things like the Morbid Anatomy Museum, the Mutter Museum, etc.)
blog post lineA co-foundMuffie Meyerer of Middlemarch Films, Ms. Meyer has produced and directed more than 100 films, including Benjamin Franklin, which won the 2003 Emmy Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Special.  Ms. Meyer serves on the Strategic Planning Committee of Behind the Book.