Happy Summer (Reading)

Today’s the first day of summer for public school students in New York City, and we’re tallying up Behind the Book’s impact for the school year. I hope that you’re as proud as we are of all that we’ve accomplished. With your help and support, we:

  • Produced 53 programs in 13 schools for a total of 298 workshops;
  • Served 1,454 students in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan;
  • Gave away 3,780 books to the kids, classrooms and school libraries;
  • Published 20 student books for 702 students.

We’re just 11 employees – three full-time – so we couldn’t do this without you, especially the 180 volunteers that served 845 volunteer hours through the course of the year.

Always first in our hearts, the authors with whom we work, who are key to all that we do. Of the 39 children and young adult book authors that visited schools with us this year we’d like to welcome these new authors to the BtB family:

Tracey Baptiste
Ginjer Clarke
Gayle Foreman
Thyra Heder
Brendan Kiley
Page McBrier
Kevin McCloskey
Roxie Munro
Lela Nargis
Jake Perez
Sergio Ruzzier

Monica Wellington

And the many who joined us in the evening for our events and our reading series:

Mia Alvar
Enrique Alvaro
Rachel Cantorlarge pile of books
Stephanie Clifford
Mark de Silva
Andrew Durbin
Matt Gallagher
Greg Gerke
Linda Greenhouse
Alexandra Kleeman
Paul LaFarge
Alex Mar
Sophie McManus
Edie Meidev
Tanwi Nandini Islam
Idra Novey
Helen Phillips
Julia Pierpont
Larry Siems
Lynn Seger Strong
Elizabeth Strout
Erika Swyler
Matthew Thomas
Sari Wilson
John Wray

Thank you, thank you to everyone that made this year such a success. I hope you spend the summer with a good book or ten, as we gear up to make next year even better.

By the way, if you’ve got little ones, check out our summer reading recommendations on Facebook and Twitter this week!

Happy reading,

2 thoughts on “Happy Summer (Reading)

  1. Roxie Munro

    Just a wonderful experience – working with Behind the Book. You guys are so professional … you made our presentations a breeze. Everything was beautifully organized. But most wonderful was the interaction with the children. I cherish the darling letters I got, and to this day I remember some of the children’s names and faces, their reactions and sense of discovery, and their sweetness.

  2. Kara Matthews Post author

    Thanks Roxie! We and the children loved working with you as well. We’ll soon be sharing more info on the first-graders who studied Hatch! and hatched baby chicks in their class. It was a joy for everyone involved. Stay tuned!

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