Fifth Grade Students Tell Their Story

We’re lucky enough to get to work with kids each and every day – but we know many of you are not. So we asked a few 5th-graders to write about their own experiences, and what they think about reading, writing, and the books and authors we introduced them to. Here’s what they had to say:

Aaron V.

Aaron in class and ready to start drawing.

I had an amazing time last year with Behind the Book. My favorite part was the drawing. I had to draw a jaguar with extra adaptations, so I put my jaguar in a sky environment. It had wings, a bluish color to camouflage in the sky, and a white stomach to camouflage as a cloud. The most memorable part was when my classmates and I got our books. I couldn’t believe it. I was a published author! The book I got to keep was amazing. It was all about animals and plants in the Amazon Rainforest.

I love to read and write. Most of my free time is spent reading, but the Behind the Book program made me love it even more! It felt great to become a published author. After the program, I wanted to become an author when I grow up.

I hope this year’s Behind the Book is even more fun. I wonder what kind of activities my classmates and I will do this year. I wonder what this year’s theme for Behind the Book will be. I am excited to create another book. I am excited about this year’s Behind the Book program, because Behind the Book is an amazing program.

Haddar Z.

Haddar trying out a costume with his teacher and author Tracey Baptiste.

Last year when I was doing Behind the Book, it was very fun. I was learning about creatures in the Amazon Rainforest. I remember that I chose a Macaw to write a story about. My favorite part was when we were drawing pictures of the animals that we chose. The whole class had to change the environment the animal lives in to a different environment and show how they will survive in the new environment. At the end of creating our book, we got to keep it. The book had everyone’s writing and drawings in it. When we got the book, I told myself that this book holds lots of memories and I made sure I didn’t lose the book, because if I did, I would have done hard work for nothing.

I love to write because you can express your feelings and don’t have to worry about anything. Sometimes when you are writing you make mistakes, but you could always learn from your mistakes, just like reading. At first I really didn’t like reading, because it takes up most of your time and you don’t have time to play, but my view of reading changed after the Behind the Book program, because it made reading fun and taught the class you can try different things when you are reading. When my classmates and I published the book, it made me feel like I was a great author. It also made me feel happy about myself, because I learned new things, which made me feel like a genius at writing and reading.

I’m looking forward to be able to write our own books in the Behind the Book program and publish and sell the books in bookstores to make money for the school. The school needs money to be able to afford books, papers, and other items we need. The school has money, but if we do this, we would be able to have more money to spend on trips that could teach us new things. There are many things that make me excited about Behind the Book. One of them is that when we are finished with a program, it is like we are little authors who will grow up to be good authors writing lots of books for children.

This year when we do Behind the Book, I hope we have a wonderful time doing it and learning new things. The Jumbies looks like a great book to me. The cover makes it look scary and fun to read.

Both Aaron and Haddar are current students who worked with us last year as well. If you’d like to take a look at their student book – which made such an impression on both of them – click here: 

Adventures in the Colossal and Colorful Amazon Rainforest